Patuxent Insurance Group


Successful business owners know the importance of taking care of the needs of their employees. We can help with options for both individual and group health, dental, vision, life and disability. When you chose PATUXENT, you’ll get more than just a health insurance plan, you’ll get a health insurance partner. Once you have chosen us, we will help you with all your health insurance needs, claims issues and serve as your true “Working Broker” helping you navigate thru the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Rules and provisions.

Organizations with two or more employees can design and implement a benefits package that includes the following options at competitive costs:

Medical- Your choice of ACA qualified health plans of all types.  Indemnity, HMOs, Point of Service plans, PPO’s. HSA/HRA plans or Self-Funded Plans.

Dental Insurance - Available as a separate plan if your firm has two or more employees. Dental can be added to your employee benefits either as part of the package or on an employee voluntary basis.

Term Life Insurance and Disability Insurance - An insurance policy that provides protection from Death, a covered sickness or injury.

Vision Coverage, Cobra Administration, Payroll Services and ACA Compliance Testing are available to you as well.


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