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Patuxent Insurance Group provides a full range of bonding services.

Surety bonds, also known as a contract bonds, construction bonds, or contractor bonds, are written agreements where one person, the surety, guarantees to a another, the obligee, that a third party, the principal, will perform the work as contracted. There are two basic types of surety bonds, a contract surety bond and a commercial surety bond. Most of the surety bonds fall under one of these two types.

We can help you obtain an affordable surety bond to meet the requirements of your contract.

Contract Surety Bonds guarantee that a business awarded a contract will meet its obligations under that contract. This includes auto dealer bonds, bid bonds, maintenance bonds, construction surety bonds, contractor bonds, payment bonds, performance bonds, and supply bonds.

Commercial Surety Bonds guarantee that small and large business obligations requiring a surety bond are met. Commercial Bonds include all non-contract surety bonds, license and permit contingent bonds, and other miscelleanous commercial bonds.

Court Bonds guarantee that an individual will comply with the terms of the court. This includes probate, fiduciary, and immigration bonds.

General Bonds guarantee that a variety of unique business obligations requiring a surety bond.


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